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Take the pledge

Public service organizations—for example, public school districts, police and fire departments, public hospitals, nonprofits, and more—can take this pledge to help employees reduce their student debt.

  • It’s a free, valuable benefit for your employees, and a great recruiting tool.
  • Through one program, employees who qualify can have federal loans forgiven after 10 years, so they should get started early.
  • If they have too much debt, not much income, or both, they can save thousands of dollars.

We’ll give you a simple toolkit—everything you need to help your employees tackle their student debt, including one-pagers for you and for your staff.

My organization pledges to:

  • Talk to our employees about their options for student loan forgiveness.
  • Help them prove that they work for a public service organization.
  • Check in with employees annually to make sure they stay on track.

Get started

I have student debt and work in public service. How can I help?

The best way to get your employer on board is to ask!

What are my options for my own student loans?

Have more questions about these programs and how they work? We have answers.