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Help is available for renters
The CDC moratorium ended on August 26, 2021, but help is available. Apply for money to cover rent and utilities today.

Find rental assistance programs in your area

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Help paying rent

If you’re looking for help with housing costs, you’re not alone.

State and local organizations are distributing money to help landlords and renters struggling to keep up with rent and other bills. Many programs take applications from both landlords and renters.

Search below to find your local program. Or, if you want to learn more, browse answers to common questions like "Am I eligible?" or "What does rental assistance cover?"

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Tips to keep in mind

Additional help for your situation

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I f you would like to correct information about your local rental assistance program, please send an e-mail to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s Office of Intergovernmental Affairs at

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Page last modified: November 9, 2021