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Wondering about virtual currencies


Students practice their nonfiction reading skills as they read a Consumer Financial Protection Bureau consumer advisory about virtual currencies and answer questions to measure their reading comprehension skills.

Big idea

Virtual currency is a type of digital money issued and controlled by its developers, rather than by a government, and can be accepted and exchanged among members of a virtual community.

Essential questions

  • What are virtual currencies?
  • What risks should I be aware of related to virtual currencies?


  • Read a nonfiction text in order to develop a basic understanding of virtual currencies
  • Be able to analyze text by making inferences, finding the main idea, and examining vocabulary in context

What students will do

  • Read a nonfiction text about virtual currencies.
  • Answer reading comprehension questions.

Download activity

Teacher guide

Wondering about virtual currencies (guide)

Student materials

Wondering about virtual currencies (worksheet)

Note: Please remember to consider your students’ accommodations and special needs to ensure that all students are able to participate in a meaningful way.

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