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Learning about the Good Student Discount


Students work with a partner to research information about teen drivers and the “Good Student” insurance discount.

Big idea

Being a responsible teen driver and a good student can earn a student discount on car insurance. 

Essential questions

  • Why are teens considered high-risk drivers?
  • How can being a good student earn an auto insurance discount?


  • Analyze information about teen drivers 
  • Evaluate risk factors, premiums, and financial responsibility related to auto insurance for teens
  • Learn how being a good student can help earn an auto insurance discount

What students will do

  • Research information about teen driving on the Insurance Information Institute website. [1] 
  • Research information about how being a good student can earn an automobile insurance discount.

[1] The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau does not endorse this third party or guarantee the accuracy of this third-party information.

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Note: Please remember to consider your students’ accommodations and special needs to ensure that all students are able to participate in a meaningful way.

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