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Exploring types of insurance


Students investigate different types of insurance and determine which types they will most likely use in their lifetimes.

Big idea

We all face risks in life, and insurance is one way to help reduce financial costs when these challenging life events happen.

Essential questions

  • Which types of insurance will I most likely purchase in my lifetime?
  • Without insurance, what financial risks might I face?


  • Identify the purpose of different types of insurance
  • Understand the risks of not having insurance

What students will do

  • Review the "Type of insurance" handout and identify who or what is being insured (property or person).
  • Consider how likely they would be to buy each type of insurance when they’re an adult.
  • Select three types of insurance they think would be most important when they become an adult and explain why they selected these types.

Download activity

Teacher guide

Exploring types of insurance (guide)

Student materials

Exploring types of insurance (worksheet)

Types of insurance (handout)

Note: Please remember to consider your students’ accommodations and special needs to ensure that all students are able to participate in a meaningful way.

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