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Acting out fraud and identity theft


Students develop and act out skits depicting possible fraud and identity theft and ask classmates to guess which type of crime is occurring.

Big idea

Fraud and identity theft hurt millions of Americans every year.

Essential questions

  • What are the most common types of fraud and identity theft?
  • How do fraud and identity theft pose a financial risk to me?


  • Review the characteristics of common fraud and identity crimes
  • Identify the types of fraud and identity theft described in a real-world scenario

What students will do

  • Read a scenario describing a type of fraud or identity theft.
  • Work in groups to create a skit that brings that scenario to life.
  • Act out the skit for the class.
  • Guess which type of fraud or identity theft is being portrayed in each skit.

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Note: Please remember to consider your students’ accommodations and special needs to ensure that all students are able to participate in a meaningful way.

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