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Explore financial education resources

Use the recommendations and resources available on this page to strengthen the financial education offerings in youth employment programs. 

Share tools for selecting and managing accounts

You can adapt the handouts below to improve the financial knowledge, skills and abilities of young adults in youth employment programs. Download these materials instantly or order free publications at .

  • Ways to receive your money

    Review this chart to build an understanding of the different ways you can receive your salary or wages.

  • Checklist for opening a new bank or credit union account

    Use this checklist to help you gather the information you’ll need to open an account and understand your choices.

  • Managing your checking account

    Follow these tips to keep track of your balance, avoid fees, and maintain your checking account.

  • Keep a lid on checking account fees

    Take these steps to reduce the number or amount of fees you pay.

  • What's on a pay stub?

    Modify this activity, designed to help teenagers understand what is on their pay stub, for your audience. 

  • Check your credit report

    Receive and review free copies of credit reports every 12 months.

  • Understand your credit score

    Learn how banks, credit card companies, and other businesses use credit scores.

  • Behind on Bills

    This booklet is a colorful and compact resource with eight curated tools targeted at income and expense tracking and managing bills.