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External Affairs

External Affairs ensures that the Bureau converses with stakeholders and the American public in order to promote understanding, transparency, and accountability.

External Affairs

Andrew Duke, Policy Associate Director

The policy associate director serves as a liaison to the Director’s Office and works with the associate director to lead the strategic direction for the division.

Zixta Martinez

Zixta Martinez, Associate Director

The External Affairs Division is supported by a front office that provides the overall direction for the Division.

Division offices

Advisory Boards and Councils

Matt Cameron, Staff Director

The Office of Advisory Boards and Councils engages with various advisory groups comprised of academics, nonprofit sector, financial institution, and business representatives to ensure that they are informed about and have an opportunity to impact the Bureau’s work.


Marisol Garibay, Acting Chief Communications Officer

Financial Institutions & Business Liaison

Tricia Kerney-Willis, Assistant Director

The Office of Financial Institutions and Business Liaison engages with financial institutions, businesses, and trade associations to ensure that they are informed about the Bureau’s work.

Intergovernmental Affairs

Cheryl Parker Rose, Assistant Director

The Office of Intergovernmental Affairs engages with local, state, tribal, interagency, and international governmental stakeholders about the Bureau’s work.    

Public Engagement & Community Liaison

Keo Chea, Assistant Director

The Office of Public Engagement & Community Liaison engages with the nonprofit sector to inform and impact the Bureau’s work.