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Trial disclosure program

Much federal consumer protection law rests on the assumption that accurate and effective disclosures will help Americans understand the costs, benefits, and risks of different consumer financial products and services.

Let’s make disclosures work as effectively as possible for consumers

Design an innovative disclosure and/or way of delivering a disclosure that isn’t allowed under existing regulations. Apply for a waiver to try out your idea and measure how well it works. Each trial will have safeguards to protect against consumer harm.

For example, your trial could involve:

  • Improvements in disclosure content, format, and/or delivery mechanisms
  • Any product or service we regulate
  • Iterations through different related trials
  • Tests by a single firm or a group of firms working collaboratively

Interested in applying?

  1. We encourage you to talk to us first
  2. Review the policy
  3. Ready to apply? Fill out the Trial Disclosure Program application (coming soon)
  4. Send us your application by mail or email:


Trial Disclosure Program - Application
Attn: Office of Innovation
Bureau of Consumer Financial Protection
1700 G Street NW
Washington, D.C. 20552