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Strategic Planning Analyst

Director - Strategy Office
Closing date:
Washington, D.C.
(53) $106,262–$161,600 See information on grades and base pay ranges
Who may apply:
Open to CFPB employees only (Competitive service permanent)


This position is located in the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, Office of Strategy. The Office carries out a variety of enterprise-wide strategy projects to ensure the successful implementation of key CFPB strategic and operational initiatives.

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As a Strategic Planning Analyst, you will:

  • Use a wide range of quantitative and qualitative tools to influence the process of a project, objectives, outcome, or results.  Develop, recommend and implement new analytic approaches to support the formulation and conduct of complex strategic analyses.  Pressure test hypotheses and analyses prior to delivery to ensure the highest level of quality appropriate for senior management and executives.
  • Provide technical oversight to multiple projects, monitoring all end-to-end aspects of project planning and design, scope management, coordination of team assignment and mobilization, direction and coordination of work efforts, management of overall project deliverables, status reporting, and providing status updates, quality reviews and issue identification, escalation, and resolution. Use project management practices, tools, and techniques to control projects throughout their project life-cycle and influence change at the CFPB.
  • Use knowledge management concepts to focus on and achieve organizational objectives such as improved performance, competitive advantage, and innovation.
  • Collaborate with organizations throughout CFPB to share lessons learned and integrate information to improve organizational effectiveness and assist organizations in meeting strategic goals and objectives.  Document implications and next steps and codify project-based learning for improvement of future projects and studies. Collaborate with strategy-related human resources across the CFPB (e.g., policy staff, division/office strategy leaders, etc.) in order to develop and enhance strategic capabilities throughout the organization. Anticipate conflicts and recommend resolutions. Facilitate collaborations in order to consistently create conditions to make team members more effective together than apart. Promote and further team morale and enhances effective teamwork among stakeholders.
  • Develop, recommend and implement key metrics to monitor and assess the progress and effectiveness of strategic planning at CFPB. Propose new standards and procedures as well as proposals for new standards and procedures to carry out, monitor, manage and evaluate projects and studies across CFPB. Ensure that key metrics are included in all Bureau-wide projects and programs. Use these key metrics to evaluate the results of cross-functional studies, projects and programs and possible impacts on the Bureau.

Travel Required

  • Not required

Supervisory Status

  • No

Promotion Potential

  • 53

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Open to CFPB employees only (Competitive service permanent)

Current CFPB employees on career or career-conditional (permanent) appointments in the competitive service or currently serving on a Veterans Recruitment Appointment (VRA) appointment

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