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Management and Program Analyst

Consumer Education & External Affairs
Closing date:
Washington, DC
53 See information on grades and base pay ranges
Who may apply:
Open to status candidates (Competitive service - Permanent), Open to All US Citizens (Competitive service – Permanent)


This position is located at Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, Consumer Education & External Affairs Division. As a Management & Program Analyst, you will collaborate with other Consumer Response operational and technical personnel to develop and refine performance reports that provide appropriate insight into current performance levels and drivers of performance variation.

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As a Management and Program Analyst, you will:

  1. Analyze and communicate performance trends. Collaborate with the Deputy Section Chief and Section managers to navigate dependencies and facilitate timely completion of work while supporting ongoing initiatives for achievement of defined performance objectives. Use project management skills and proficiency in various technical tools and software to support development of reports, presentations to senior management, and other deliverables.
  2. Assist Deputy Section Chief and Section managers with quality assurance by regularly evaluating quality scores and results and providing support involving areas of continuous improvement through presentation of findings and remedial action required, modification of guidance, monitoring of critical information, and management reporting to ensure accuracy. Advise Deputy Section Chief and Section managers and facilitate implementation of improvements to reports, processes, technological systems, and other operational tools to gain efficiencies and enhance deliverables to better convey consumer complaint information and analysis.
  3. Develop processes for managing and implementing proposals for updates to reports and deliverables and other process improvement efforts while supporting implementation. Coordinate input of projects and reports into operating system and provide management with critical status reporting of ongoing work product development.
  4. Participate in the development of strategic and operational planning under the sponsorship of the Deputy Section Chief and Section managers. Provide the Deputy Section Chief with advice and support to help formulate and refine plans that address gaps between expected and actual current performance and to proactively anticipate and respond to environmental, legislative, operational volume, and workforce trends with the potential to impact the Section's future performance. Advise the Deputy Section Chief on strategic programs and initiatives capable of supporting defined goals.
  5. Coordinate with respective Consumer Response functional and process owners as necessary to lead respective strategic programs and initiatives on behalf of the Deputy Section Chief by applying substantial existing expertise in improving the effectiveness of financial regulatory agencies and/or integrating primary strategy execution disciplines, including: operational process improvement, technology application development, program and project management, workforce training and development, and organizational change management where necessary. Provide regular reports and briefings on the status of key initiatives, including progress, key risks, and corrective actions required for the Section.

Travel Required

  • Not required

Promotion Potential

  • 53

Supervisory Status

  • No

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Open to status candidates (Competitive service - Permanent)

Current Federal employees on career or career-conditional appointments and reinstatement eligible. Current federal employees on permanent competitive service appointments (including current CFPB employees on such appointments), or former federal employees with reinstatement eligibility; or ICTAP Eligibles; or Eligible under special hiring authorities (e.g., individuals with disabilities, covered by an interchange agreement, or Eligible under the Veterans Employment Opportunity Act). Current CFPB employee should check their appointment type before applying to an announcement.

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Open to All US Citizens (Competitive service – Permanent)

Applications will be accepted from all U.S. citizens.

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