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Community Affairs Outreach Specialist

Consumer Education & Engagement
Closing date:
Washington, D.C.
(52) $92,166–$133,641 See information on grades and base pay ranges
Who may apply:
Open to CFPB employees only (Competitive service permanent)


This position is located in the Bureau of Consumer Financial Protection, Consumer and Education Division, Office of Community Affairs. The work of this position is integral to the effectiveness of OCA’s ability to build the financial well-being of vulnerable populations and those organizations and institutions that assist them.

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As a Community Affairs Outreach Specialist, you will:

  • Supports Community Affairs staff in the identification, establishment, and maintenance of relationships with key local and national stakeholders, including Federal, state and local governments, educational institutions, and non-profits and other groups and organizations that are interested in or work on behalf of low-income or other vulnerable consumers of financial products and services. Collaborates and engages in ongoing dialogue to inform others of the Bureau’s work and resources, to minimize duplication of effort in programs of mutual interest, and to engage others in educating targeted populations.
  • Develops, coordinates, and implements marketing and outreach strategies and information campaigns featuring varied media approaches and utilizing new, innovative, and cost-effective ways to reach target audiences, including through an active and engaging presence in multiple channels of social media, to ensure information and educational materials are disseminated widely throughout the population. Develops campaign strategies, creates multimedia information products, and disseminates to stakeholders and partners.  Creates and utilizes metrics to determine effectiveness of marketing efforts.
  • Establishes and maintains an active and engaging presence in multiple channels of social media. Writes content for social media distribution channels, and performs outreach to that content.  Materials may be written for audiences for whom English is not their first language.  Utilizes a variety of techniques to acquire, organize, access, and disseminate information from a wide variety of sources and media for internal use; to facilitate the performance of research, development and dissemination of communication materials, program oversight, policy development; and to provide guidance and information to a wide variety of audiences.  Typical information may include relevant general and specialized articles and reports from practitioners, technical, scientific, and scholarly journals, technical reports of completed research and developmental projects, reports of research in progress, and legislative materials.  Techniques employed may include preparing bibliographies; writing summaries, digests, and reports; cataloging materials, and searching literature and databases.

Travel Required

  • Not required

Supervisory status

  • No

Promotion Potential

  • 52

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Open to CFPB employees only (Competitive service permanent)

Current CFPB employees on career or career-conditional (permanent) appointments in the competitive service or currently serving on a Veterans Recruitment Appointment (VRA) appointment

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