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CFPB Issues Bulletin to Prevent Runarounds in Mortgage Servicing Transfers

Washington, D.C. – Today, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) is releasing a bulletin outlining expectations for mortgage servicers that transfer loans. The bulletin includes information on how mortgage servicers should pay special attention to new rules protecting consumers applying for loss mitigation help or trial modifications.

Prepared Remarks of CFPB Director Richard Cordray at the Association of Military Banks of America

By Richard Cordray

I would like to thank the Association of Military Banks and Andy Egeland for inviting me to be with you here today.

As the Director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, I recognize the importance that community banks play in the lives of many consumers and in many neighborhoods and small towns across the United States. When I joined the Consumer Bureau, I came with a strong viewpoint that community banks were not among the causes of the financial crisis. I saw this when I was a county treasurer, then the State Treasurer of Ohio. You did not underwrite the bad loans that brought down the housing market. Instead, you worked to keep your own customers in sound and sustainable loans. You were sounding the alarm bells well before the sinking of the economy. And you were upholding sensible underwriting standards even though you may have been losing some of your customers and your market share to the financial predators who were not held to the same standards of responsible lending.

CFPB Shuts Down USA Discounters’ Servicemember Fee Scam

WASHINGTON, D.C.— The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) today put an end to a servicemember fee scam run by USA Discounters, Ltd., a company that operates a chain of retail stores near military bases and offers financing for purchases. USA Discounters tricked thousands of servicemembers into paying fees for legal protections servicemembers already had and for certain services that the company failed to provide. The CFPB has obtained more than $350,000 in refunds for servicemembers harmed by this scam, and USA Discounters will pay an additional $50,000 civil penalty.

CFPB Orders Amerisave To Pay $19.3 Million For Bait-And-Switch Mortgage Scheme

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) took action against Amerisave Mortgage Corporation, its affiliate, Novo Appraisal Management Company, and the owner of both companies, Patrick Markert, for engaging in a deceptive bait-and-switch mortgage-lending scheme that harmed tens of thousands of consumers. The Bureau found that Amerisave lured consumers by advertising misleading interest rates, locked them in with costly up-front fees, failed to honor its advertised rates, and then illegally overcharged them for affiliated “third-party” services. Amerisave and Novo will provide $14.8 million in refunds to harmed consumers and pay a $4.5 million penalty. Patrick Markert, as an individual, will pay an additional $1.5 million penalty.

CFPB Warns Consumers About Bitcoin

CFPB Now Accepting Complaints on Virtual Currency Products and Services WASHINGTON, D.C. — Today the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) issued a consumer advisory warning consumers about the risks of virtual currencies such as Bitcoin. The CFPB advises consumers to be aware of potential issues with virtual currencies such as unclear costs, volatile exchange rates, […]

CFPB Finds Small Debit Purchases Lead to Expensive Overdraft Charges

Majority of Debit Card Overdraft Fees Incurred on Transactions of $24 or Less WASHINGTON, D.C. — Today, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) released a report that raises concerns about the impact of opting in to overdraft services for debit card and ATM transactions. The study found that the majority of debit card overdraft fees […]

CFPB Launches Nationwide Effort to Provide Financial Education and Tools to Low-Income Consumers

WASHINGTON, DC – Today, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau announced that it is partnering with national and local organizations across the country to train social services staff to provide financial education and tools to clients with low-to-moderate incomes. As part of that partnership, the CFPB unveiled a new online toolkit called Your Money, Your Goals, a comprehensive guide to empowered financial decision-making that covers topics like budgeting daily expenses, managing debt, and avoiding financial tricks and traps.

CFPB and 13 State Attorneys General Obtain About $92 Million in Debt Relief for Servicemembers Harmed by Predatory Lending Scheme

WASHINGTON, D.C. — The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) and 13 state attorneys general obtained approximately $92 million in debt relief from Colfax Capital Corporation and Culver Capital, LLC, also collectively known as “Rome Finance,” for about 17,000 U.S. servicemembers and other consumers harmed by the company’s predatory lending scheme. Rome Finance lured consumers with the promise of no money down and instant financing. Rome Finance then masked expensive finance charges by artificially inflating the disclosed price of the consumer goods being sold. Rome Finance also withheld information on billing statements and illegally collected on loans that were void. Rome Finance and two of its owners are permanently banned from consumer lending.

CFPB Proposes Rule to Improve Information About Access to Credit in the Mortgage Market

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Today, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) proposed a rule to improve information reported about the residential mortgage market. The rule would shed more light on consumers’ access to mortgage credit by updating the reporting requirements of the Home Mortgage Disclosure Act (HMDA) regulations. The Bureau also aims to simplify the reporting process for financial institutions.

Prepared Remarks of CFPB Deputy Director Steve Antonakes on the MARS Enforcement Action Press Call

By Richard Cordray

Thank you for joining us on the call today and my thanks to Katie Fallow at the FTC for her and her staff’s hard work on this issue. Today, both the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and the Federal Trade Commission are announcing recent action we’ve taken against companies and individuals that took advantage of underwater homeowners looking for foreclosure relief.

CFPB, FTC and States Announce Sweep Against Foreclosure Relief Scammers

WASHINGTON, D.C. — The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), and 15 states announced a sweep against foreclosure relief scammers that used deceptive marketing tactics to rip off distressed homeowners across the country. The Bureau is filing three lawsuits against companies and individuals that collected more than $25 million in illegal advance fees for services that falsely promised to prevent foreclosures or renegotiate troubled mortgages. The CFPB is seeking compensation for victims, civil fines, and injunctions against the scammers. Separately, the FTC is filing 6 lawsuits, and the states are taking 32 actions.

CFPB Begins Accepting Consumer Complaints on Prepaid Cards and Additional Nonbank Products

Nonbank Products Include Debt Settlement and Credit Repair Services, Pawn and Title Loans WASHINGTON, D.C. — The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) is now accepting complaints from consumers encountering problems with prepaid cards, such as gift cards, benefit cards, and general purpose reloadable cards. Consumers can also now submit complaints about additional nonbank products, including […]

Prepared Remarks of CFPB Director Richard Cordray at the Consumer Response Field Hearing

By Richard Cordray

It is indeed an extreme pleasure to be able to experience the true nature of summer here in El Paso in the middle of July. And it is also a pleasure to welcome you all to this field hearing hosted by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. As we all know, the financial crisis did serious damage to individuals and communities all across this country. Its effects remain vivid in our collective experience, and the toll it took on our lives was substantial. Millions of people lost their jobs; millions lost their homes; and virtually everyone lost considerable household wealth, amounting to trillions of dollars. As a key part of its response to the crisis, Congress created the Bureau and vested it with the responsibility to stand on the side of consumers and make sure they are treated fairly in the financial marketplace.