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National Consumer Protection Week

Content on this archived page may no longer be up to date. See our homepage for the latest from the CFPB.

Highlighting your rights as a consumer

Every day, you make choices about the kinds of financial products you’ll sign up for. Those choices affect you and your family. Like a box of cereal or a toaster, credit cards, home loans, and student loans are products sold every day to American families. The big difference is that there’s often no easy-to-understand price tag for consumer financial products like you see in the supermarket or local electronics store.

When you shop for one of these products—a home loan, a credit card, or a student loan—how do you wade through all the advertising and fine print to find a deal that works for you?

National Consumer Financial Protection Week, from March 6th to the 12th, is a great opportunity for you to learn about your rights and resources as a consumer. While we will work hard to make consumer financial products easier to understand, and to make the markets for them more fair, transparent, and competitive, there’s plenty you can do right now. Take a few minutes to check out these important resources:

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Learn about the Bureau and what we will do to make sure that markets for consumer financial products work for you.
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Use our Consumer Question and Complaint Assistant to find out where you can go for help about a specific product or service.
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Visit the main Consumer Financial Protection Week homepage for tips, toolkits, and other information you can use.

From the blog

Building Better Consumer Protection
By Elizabeth Warren

Should the price of credit be clear up front? Here at the new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, we think the answer is yes – and we think that’s a critical part of consumer protection.

We are pleased to have the chance to talk about these and other issues as we join 26 Federal agencies and partner organizations observing the annual National Consumer Protection Week… Read more

Assistant Director for Enforcement Richard Cordray speaks at gathering of State Attorneys General

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    It’s that time of year again, when spring is in the air, the cherry blossoms are about to bloom, high school seniors everywhere have senioritis and students in all 50 states are preparing for the National Financial Capability Challenge Exam… Read more


Watch these videos to learn more about what we do – and what you can do.

Protecting American servicemembers

Holly Petraeus from the Office of Servicemember Affairs responds to a suggestion on the bureau’s efforts to protect American servicemembers.

Working with state regulators

The CFPB will work with state attorneys general and other state regulators to enforce federal consumer financial protection laws. Richard Cordray, former Attorney General of Ohio and the CFPB’s Assistant Director for Enforcement, explains.