Share CFPB resources with your clients

Clients who are engaged, prepared, and knowledgeable are most likely to achieve successful, sustained homeownership. And successful homeowners often become loyal, repeat clients who refer their friends and family.

As a part of Know Before You Owe, we have created resources to help you help your clients navigate the process of purchasing a home with mortgage financing. You are invited to make these resources part of your client education and marketing efforts.

  • Your home loan toolkit

    This step-by-step guide helps your clients define what affordable means to them, understand their credit, and pick the mortgage type and down payment that work for them. It features interactive worksheets and conversation starters designed to deepen their understanding of the mortgage market and their choices.

    You are invited to use the toolkit with your business card attached or printed with your logo on the cover. The toolkit is available in two print versions: letter-sized and envelope-sized. It is also available online with interactive features. Print and online versions are available in both Spanish and English.

    Consider providing the toolkit to prospective clients. The toolkit provides a starting point that clients can use now and prospective clients can keep for later—along with your contact information—when they are ready to buy.

    Download the toolkit, designed for web posting and interactivity
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    Download the print-ready PDF
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    Pre-order printed copies from the U.S. Government Printing Office
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    Download instructions and required disclaimer if you’d like to add your organization’s logo
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  • Owning a Home

    The CFPB’s Owning a Home website provides a full suite of online tools and resources for prospective homebuyers. The site empowers homebuyers with an interactive guide to the process of buying a home and finding a mortgage. Supportive tools and resources help people set expectations and think through key decisions such as how much they can afford to spend, which loan option is right for them, what range of interest rates they can expect, and how to ensure a smooth closing.

    Consider linking to on your website to position yourself as a trusted source for useful information.

  • Detailed interactive guide to the disclosure forms

    Our interactive sample forms help homebuyers learn what to look out for and what details to double check. They also include definitions for unfamiliar terms.