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Fulfilling our commitment to diversity


In the months since the CFPB officially opened its doors, the Bureau has been moving at full speed to engage consumers and bring greater transparency to the financial marketplace. We’ve been hard at work building our consumer response system, creating our Know Before You Owe campaigns, and forming a strong foundation for our supervision, examination, fair lending, and enforcement teams. In addition to these efforts, we have been focused on standing up the CFPB’s Office of Minority and Women Inclusion (OMWI).

On January 20, 2012, the CFPB will establish its Office of Minority and Women Inclusion, under the guidance of the CFPB’s OMWI working group. This working group is co-chaired by Patrice Ficklin, the Assistant Director for the Office of Fair Lending & Equal Opportunity, Zixta Martinez, the Assistant Director for the Office of Community Affairs, and Dennis Slagter, the Assistant Director of Human Capital. An overarching goal for this working group has been to ensure the integration of the OMWI mission throughout the Bureau from day one.

Among other requirements, OMWI is charged, by statute, with developing standards for:

  • equal employment opportunity, workforce diversity, and inclusion at all levels of the agency;
  • increased participation of minority-owned and women-owned businesses in the CFPB’s programs and contracts; and
  • assessing the diversity policies and practices of the CFPB’s regulated entities.

Diversity and inclusion have been cornerstones of the Bureau’s foundation, its programs, and its contracts since its establishment. Through the OMWI, diversity and inclusion will remain essential parts of the CFPB as we continue our work.

Today, as the nation remembers the life and work of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., we at the CFPB find inspiration in his dream of equality and fair treatment for all.

CFPB’s OMWI Working Group

Steve Antonakes, Assistant Director, Bank Supervision
Patrice Ficklin, Assistant Director, Fair Lending & Equal Opportunity
Meredith Fuchs, Chief-of-Staff
David Gragan, Assistant Director, Procurement
Richard G. Lepley, Deputy General Counsel for General Law & Ethics
Zixta Martinez, Assistant Director, Community Affairs
Dennis Slagter, Assistant Director, Human Capital
Peggy Twohig, Assistant Director, Nonbank Supervision

  • Anonymous

    BBB Member car title loan company serving since 1994. (800) 737 0900

  • C. Hamilton

    I have a claim with the CFPB but I am being jerked around once again by Bank of America.  What shall I do?  My claim number is 111213-000178.  Please tell me what to do next.

  • Robert Eckel

    Publicize petitions to demand legislation to restrain the payday loan vultures.
    i’ll sign them!

  • Prince

    It is good to see that a voice for the average consumer has finally become operational.
    For those who have made comments that are skeptical of a new government regulatory agency, I hope they develop an 
    educated understanding of the fraud and corruption that has evolved exponentially over the past 3 decades in the financial
    Banks and lending institutions were never intended to be used for a few people to exploit the rest of the citizenry to make the
    few exploiters wealthy.
    Regulations need to become much more stringent than they have been and limits need to be placed on the amount of wealth
    any individual or corporation can acquire.  It is obvious the amount of damage and destruction that can be perpetrated on a
    society when greed goes unregulated and the political system is bought to protect the greedy.

  • VectorPile

    Another good step in the right direction in my opinion,

  • NT

    Mr. Cordray:

    I have been following you ever since I first heard your comments about “protecting consumers” during a debate aired by WOSU around your candidacy for Ohio’s AG. I was impressed by frank views at that time, and, I am confident in your ability to build this new agency and put your thoughts in action.

    I hope to be able to support you in some way !!! Pl. keep up the good work. As fellow Ohioan, I’m proud of you.

  • Chris

    The names in the working group sound very promising. I am curious about future results in the attempt

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